Pool protection

Abruzzo Piscine care of your swimming pool by protecting it from bad weather and cold winter temperatures by offering a wide range of covers:

Roofing with self-supporting tubulars

Spring covers

AQUA TOP roller shutters

AQUAGUARD safety covers

Telescopic covers

Isothermal roofing

Pool care and maintenance

Abruzzo Piscine has a wide range of products for cleaning, maintenance and care of your swimming pool. In the Montesilvano store there is a wide range of:

Water treatment chemicals

Automatic cleaners

Led and colored lighting systems

Whirlpool systems

Heating systems

Counter-current swimming systems

Salt electrolysis systems

Electronic switchboard systems for both public and private chemical products

Technical assistance

Home interventions, timely and effective!
Our team of expert technicians is able to intervene quickly in the event of system failures and/or malfunctions throughout the territory. We also deal with:

Seasonal opening / closing of plants

Weekly, monthly and extraordinary maintenance

Dolphin dealer, sales and assistance

Free estimates and inspections

Free technical assistance in the realization phases

Ristrutturazioni piscine