Circulation of water


There are several possibilities offered by i.Blue for a correct circulation of the water of a swimming pool. In general, these plants require a system of:
water recovery, or a technology that collects the dirty water to be treated
filtration, for water purification
intake, which allows you to return the water to the pool


Us at Abruzzo Piscine are very careful to offer you only the best and most modern technologies on the market, offering you cutting-edge and prestigious solutions and excellent value for money.
Choose between:
Skimmer system. Guaranteed to keep the surface of the water clean thanks to special outlets, which send dirty water to the filtration systems. Following the treatment, the water return to the pool thanks to the outlets located along the walls.
Overflow skimmer system. The union of a skimmer pool but with the peculiarities close to those of a spillway structure. The advantage of this type of technology consists mainly in the fact that the nozzle must offer greater suction of greater guaranteed quantity of water for your swimming pool and assistance for daily maintenance.
Overflow system. It makes the pool a barrier-free expanse of water, with water reaching the edge and then integrating into the flooring in the garden. The water overflows into the side channels on the sides of the swimming pool and channels it to compensate for keeping the water level unchanged, regardless of the number of bathers present.

The Abruzzo Piscine team is at your total reserve for helping you choose the most suitable water circulation system for your swimming pool.